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midland shooters association



The following policies help ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all of our members and guests:

  1. All shooters are required to sign in before they start shooting.
  2. Eye and Ear protection required.
  3. Only shotguns are allowed to be shot on the range.
  4. Shot larger than 7-1/2 is not allowed.
  5. Guns are to be loaded only after reaching shooting station.
  6. No more than two shells are to be loaded at a time.
  7. Only targets furnished by MSA and thrown from their trap machines can be shot.
  8. Shooting is permitted only from designated shooting areas.
  9. Guns are to be unloaded and action open before leaving shooting station
  10. Shooters under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.
  11. Small children are not permitted on shooting fields.
  12. Killing of wildlife is not allowed.
  13. No alcohol can be consumed before or while shooting and can never be taken by anyone onto shooting fields.
  14. Empty shell boxes, drink cans, empty hulls, and other trash are to be picked up and put trash cans before leaving field.
  15. Report any excessive target breakage or trap malfunctions to club personnel so they can be corrected.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

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