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What is Five Stand?

Five Stand is arguably the most difficult of the shotgun games, simply because the shooter has a hard time adjusting to the targets since they probably only get to shoot at any given target one time in each stand.  This along with the fact that the shooter must also direct their attention not only to the target, but also whether it is being presented as a single target or in a report or true pair In which case they must decide which target must be shot first.  The target angle changes from cage to cage and the shooter has to make decisions as to which target they shoot first from the different cages.


A Five Stand set up consists of five shooting stands, a scorer’s stand, and normally eight traps that are placed at different positions in front and behind the shooting stands.  The game can consist of 25 or 50 target rounds with the 50 target round usually used in tournaments.  Five shooters take part at a time, called a squad, one shooter in each cage; however the game can be played with as little as one shooter.  The shooter in stand one always starts each shooting sequence and after each shooter has shot their targets the squad moves to the cage to their right and this procedure continues until each shooter has shot in all five cages.


In a 25 target round the shooter shoots one single target, one report pair, and on true pair from each cage or it can be programmed so the shooter shoots one single and two true pairs from each cage.  In a 50 target round the shooter shoots 5 true pair from each cage.


The target setter chooses where to set the traps to make the targets challenging but breakable and will normally change them regularly.  So if you want to shoot challenging targets the Five Stand is the place to go, but don’t be surprised if find you aren’t quite as good as you think you are with that old shotgun!


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